Aquaponic controlled environment agriculture
A vertical farm vertically integrated into a multi-unit fast casual restaurant, located in the heart of Downtown Toledo
Natural Methodology
A vertical farm vertically integrated into a multi-unit fast casual restaurant, located in the heart of Downtown Toledo
Three green cartoon drawings of fish surrounded by blue bubbles represent how fish are incorporated in an aquaponic farm.
Fish create the nutrients for plants, which in turn filter water for the fish.
A three-leafed green plant grows upward toward blue lines indicating the spectrum-specific led lighting used to optimize plant growth in the aquaponic farm.
Spectrum-specific led lighting provides fast growth.
An s-shaped channel filled with blue water has three plants growing from the top of it, showcasing the use of water at Balance Farms
Deep water channel systems provide for ultimate flexibility in crop type.
How We Got Started
Balance Farms is the brainchild of Balance Grille, a vegetable-focused restaurant concept founded in Toledo in 2010 by Prakash Karamachandani and HoChan Jang. The Northwest Ohio-based restaurant chain is excited to bring an 8,600-square-foot aquaponics farm to the heart of Downtown Toledo.
How We Got Here
Balance loves transparency. In any Balance location, you will notice the open-kitchen concept that informs customers on how their food is being prepared. Opening the Balance Farms helps us take the concept of transparency to another level by showing customers where their food is coming from. Through the Farms, fresh vegetables and herbs will be supplied to Toledo-area businesses, providing customers quality products right from the heart of the city.
Let's Talk about Farming.
Natural Methodology
A vertical farm vertically integrated into a multi-unity fast casual restaurant, located in the heart of Downtown Toledo.
Food Miles Saved
Pounds of Produce Harvested
Gallons of Water Saved
Fish Raised
365-day Production
Different from outdoor farms, farming indoors offers the ability to produce crop year-round, independent from weather and other environmental variables.
Continuous Harvest
Our grow systems produce a consistent, steady supply of product all year. With flexible cycles, we can ”store” product live until sold for maximum shelf life.
Controlled Environment
To avoid harmful and expensive pesticides, we utilize controls such as a sealed perimeter and multi-stage air filtration, along with best practices for CE Agriculture.
Inherently Organic
We grow decorative fish and plants in harmony: no pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Instead we use controlled environment techniques to prevent pests.
Heavily Automated
Utilizing modern monitoring technology we are able to carefully control key variables such as Temperature, pH, ORP, and Conductivity for long term stability.
Revenue Streams
Aside from the sale of produce, secondary revenue streams include the sale of ornamental fish, and compost from fish waste and vegetative trimmings.
Quality Ingredients
Post Organic, Free of Pesticides, and Locally Grown
Seriously Good Food
Produce that is packed with nutrients, flavor, and free of anything harmful. Grown transparently, and transported directly.
Good for the Environment
Our technology saves water, food miles, avoids agricultural runoff, and prevents food waste all seasons 365-days a year.
A map of Toledo has a blue filter outlining the USDA defined areas of a food desert, with Balance Farms downtown location plotted in the center.
Located in Downtown Toledo
Fresh produce, right in the heart of the Glass City.
How Innovative is this?
There are restaurants, urban farms, controlled environment agriculture, continuous harvest systems, and aquaponics operations. What is missing is the right combination.
Business Model Sustainability
Because we are vertically integrated, our restaurants and farm work together to satisfy each side’s needs. The farm supports the ingredients we need to serve an amazing menu to our customers, and the restaurants provide a steady stream of revenue for the farm. This pairing also allows our team to spend a minimum amount of time looking for customers and a maximum amount of time growing nutritionally dense and delicious foods.
Why Start a Farm?
We want to create the change we want to see in the world, and live out our core values. One of our core values is transparency, with this effort customers are able to see every part, and the entire process of how we grow everything that we put on the table. Another is community, this investment creates the opportunity for dozens of other local restaurants to also provide locally grown, organic produce 365 days a year.
Why Toledo?
Toledo is a community that has supported our vision for Balance since we founded our company in 2010. Our city has a history of innovation, deep agricultural roots, and a redeveloping urban core that’s primed for a unique venture like this!
Let's Work Together
We want to be your vegetable supplier
Take your first step to healthy, quality product.
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